Tech Support Scams on the Rise

This scam is becoming more popular and can lead to your computer being further compromised by bad guys looking for more of your valuable client information.  Be aware and don’t fall for this.

Below is the FTC’s guidelines for spotting a tech support scam.


Here is a common screen pop up message which is faudulent. Don’t call this number.

Here is Microsoft’s official post on what to do if you are a victim.


Wi-Fi Vulnerability Discovered “KRACK Attack”

A new vulnerability has been discovered recently called “KRACK Attack”. In short, there is a exploitable flaw in the Wi-Fi security protocol WPA2, this protocol is designed to encrypts data traffic over a wireless network, but now there is a vulnerability that allows an attacker who is on the same wireless to intercept and read sensitive data being transferred over the network. Almost all phones, laptops, tablets that are Wi-Fi enabled are at risk.  The good news is that this is fixable via software patches to our phones, etc. but that will take some time. In the meantime, don’t connect to unknown wireless networks and make sure you are using HTTPS websites when you browse the web.

Link to the technical write up on the vulnerability